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"Traviata" on the stage of "Astana Opera"

Posted by On 18.12

"Traviata" on the stage of "Astana Opera"

Extraordinary voice of Kazakhstan’s most popular tenor, Zhan Tapin, will be heard on the stage of Astana Opera again. Each performance is an excitement and responsibility for the singer. There are no phonograms, no second takes, especially today. Even though Zhan Tapin has been performing the party of Alfred from the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi many times, it is the first time it will be performed in Kazakhstan’s main opera theatre.


- Before that, I sang many times with Nurzhamal Usenbaeva and Zhamilya Baspakova in Abai Theater. I sang it with my colleagues in Kulya sh Baiseitova theater. Performance in Astana Opera will be a debut. Every performance is a little life, when you get into the role, get into their life, you love someone, someone dies, when you become someone else, you know, performing on stage is worth it.

"La Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi set to the libretto by Francesco Maria Piave was written based on a play " La Dame aux Camélias" by Alexandre Dumas. The opera was first presented to the world in the late 19th century in Venice. It became one of the most fam ous and popular operas in the world almost immediately the production. "La Traviata" won the hearts of Kazakhstani spectators and performers themselves from the very first days of the premiere.


- It is a very famous, very popular opera; it is always sold out in all theaters of the world, on the big stage. I am pleased to be a small part of those singers who perform this opera. This is my favorite part, my favorite opera. This is a huge experience for me, so there is no such creative excitement, I am more concerned about the quality of performance

The beauty of the melody and the richness of the vocal parts: the performance, lasting for more than two and a half hours, immerses spectators in the atmosph ere of a real drama. Astana opera scenery with mirror tricks gives enhances the perception of a sad love story of a Paris courtesan Violetta Valery and a young bourgeois Alfredo Germont.

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